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Why to prefer food from Kashi Farms

At Kashi Farms we practice Natural farming to grow our crops. Inter-cropping lets our plants take in required nutrients without help of any external synthetic chemicals in form of fertilizers. This way the food is more tasty and the shelf life too is comparatively longer than the produce grown using chemicals. We do not burn our trash, we preserve and use them as straw mulch, so there is assurance from us that our food leaves minimum carbon footprint be it in from of smoke or total water consumption per crop cycle. No poisonous pesticides or herbicides are used, means the output from our farms is Food which has grown without disturbing health and habitat of fellow living creatures and not any heap of poison. And lastly, its food that goes directly from farmer to consumer cutting down unwanted expenses involved in between. This way we get the right price for our hard work and you get purest naturally grown food at an affordable cost.

Vegetables grown at Kashi Farms
Fresh Vegetables from Kashi Farms

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