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Jiwamrit - The microbial elixir

Jiwamrit is the only input a natural farming practitioner uses in the farm. Jiwamrit is not a Fertilizer, it's a culture of micro organisms that enrich the soil with all nutrients beneficial for a plants growth.

How is jiwamrit made for 1 acre land? •200 ltr of water •10kg Bos indicus (desi cow) cow dung •10 ltr cow urine •1kg jaggery (free of chemicals) •1kg dicot pulses flour (peanuts, soyabean not to be used) •Handful of farm soil (where this jiwamrit is going to be used)

What's the science being these ingredients? Bos indicus cow's dung has essential micro organisms that help in providing crops with required nutrients. The count per kilo however, is not sufficient for 1 acre of land. This count is multiplied by fermentation process, and the media required for multiplication of micro organisms is provided by the jaggery. All living creations needs energy to sustain life process, the dicot flour used provides required energy for these micro organisms to multiply. Also, a handful of soil that is used makes these micro organisms adopt to habitat in which they will be introduced. This concoction is kept is shade for minimum of 2 days, mixed atleast twice a day and is introduced in farm through ploughing water. Results are best harnessed when jiwamrit is used within 10 days of making. Post 10 days the microbes start to expire and won't yield significant benefits. Always keep in mind that Jiwamrit is not fertilizer it's a solution rich in essential micro organisms that help in increasing the fertility of soil through their life cycle.

Bos indicus, desi cow, jiwamrit
Bos indicus (Desi cow) at Kashi Farms

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