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Natural Farming

What is natural farming? it is a farming practice that has been designed observing the forest. In forest no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides are used, yet all the species of flora and fauna sustain each other and flourish without a sign of deficiency. How is this possible? diversity is the answer. In forest you don't find only one variety of plant or tree. multiple varieties grow together, while the sunlight is used to its maximum extent, under the ground roots work together in exchanging vital nutrients. There are number of pests residing on every plant and they themselves keep the population in check. This is the way nature functions.

Now when we take this model and implement in form of agriculture it becomes Natural Farming. Multi cropping fills the nutrient deficiency of plants and keeps the pests and unwanted weed in control. In mono cropping where a lot of manual efforts and synthetic chemicals are used to fulfill nutrient deficiency, control pest and weeds but in natural farming these factors are regulated using natural forces and with minimum human interruption.

Kashi Farms multi cropping model
Natural farming in action at Kashi Farms

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